COVID-19 Statement 24.03.2020

The COVID-19 situation has developed significantly in the last 24 hours and in the light of new government restrictions Alloy Bodies Ltd has decided to suspend all but essential operations from the close of business on the 24th March 2020.

Our decision is based upon the personal safety of our staff and customers alike and will be continually reviewed until the government issues further guidance that would enable us to fulfill our operations safely and within the restrictions imposed.

Whilst the business remains closed, we have provisioned several contacts for enquiries regarding updates, collections, incoming delivery information and any other questions that you may have, these are additions to your normal sales contacts who will also be available:

Jackie Murphy – Managing Director
07970 272029

Simon Morgan – Sales Director
07553 176485

John Jones – Operations Director
07557 348219

Chris Sutcliffe – Collections/Production
07850 429671

Incoming drivers 07930 954548.

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