All our bodies are manufactured to the highest quality and follow a 120 point inspection prior to leaving our factory. In the event of any problems our aim is to make sure your vehicle is back in service in the fastest possible timescale.

“Help us to Help you” by providing us with accurate information about the fault or issue will help to ensure that we respond with the appropriate reaction and will facilitate a swift, satisfactory conclusion to your problem.


  • Position on the body/vehicle.
  • What is the problem/failure?
  • How has it occurred?
  • How long since it has occurred?

Gather information

  • Body Identification number.
  • A concise description of the fault.
  • Photos (digital) of the area in situ and proximity of the vehicle along with any helpful supportive views.
  • Contact details and geographical location.
  • Vehicle availability.

Contact Us

Complaint Management

  • Internal customer complaint number will be raised and this will be communicated by e-mail as your reference.
  • Complaint investigation
  • Confirmation of a course of action advised to you within a 24 hour period by e-mail and verbally by phone (The timescale of response may be longer in some cases dependent upon the nature of the complaint).


  • ABL will maintain an interactive communication with you during the process of any approved claim as the rectification work is ongoing or as we wait for the vehicle to be available or it maybe necessary for parts to be sourced or manufactured.
  • All communication will be by both e-mail and telephone to ensure all parties are aware of the ongoing process.


  • It is our aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as is possible, as there are many potentially different problems that could occur.
  • We aim to satisfy and manage expectations for all situations however if you are unhappy please ensure that you communicate this as soon as is possible to enable us to respond with appropriate action.
  • We will communicate with you when the complaint has been resolved and will acknowledge that the complaint number is closed.
What happens if I have a problem with my Bodywork?

Our warranty terms are on a ‘back to site’ basis, which means the vehicle needs be brought back to our site at :Alloy Bodies Ltd, Clifton Street, Miles Platting, Manchester, M40 8HN.

Having the vehicle back to the site at which it was manufactured ensures any required remedial work can be carried out with the correct equipment and in the right environment to make sure the body warranty is maintained and the downtime is minimal. In most cases it is not safe or practical to carry out any required work at a customers premises.


What does Alloy Bodies Ltd warranty cover?

Items covered

  • Materials
  • Alloy Bodies manufactured components
  • Workmanship
  • Parts & Labour

Items not covered by Alloy Bodies Ltd warranty.

  • Parts and equipment not specified or supplied by the seller
  • Ancillary components with their own manufacturers warranty i.e. shutters, tail lifts, cranes, load restraint systems etc….
  • Consequential loss or damages
  • Replacement vehicles

Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

Is my bodywork still covered under warranty?

Alloy Bodies warrants its products with a  2 year parts and labour warranty as standard and this starts from the date it left our factory. If you are unsure if your body is still within its warranty period please feel free to call or email us with the body identification number and we can confirm this for you.

What is the warranty period on my tailift?

Tail lift warranty is covered by the manufacturer of the lift and in most cases is only warranted for 12 months from fitment date. As the lift falls under LOLER regulations it must be subsequently inspected and tested every 6 months to maintain safe/legal operation.

All of the major tail lift manufacturers whose lifts we fit operate with a network of approved service and repair agents. If your tail lift is still within its warranty period then an agent will come out your vehicle and repair. Please ensure the failure is not as a result of damage or misuse before you call a tail lift agent out as you may incur a call out charge.

How long will the repair take?

In most cases we will aim for a 48 hour repair or sooner if possible. On occasions we may require the vehicle for longer but would always give prior notice before undergoing any work to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

How can I report a warranty issue?

Call us on: 0161 205 7612 – hold for reception and they will direct your call to the correct department

Fill in our online Warranty Form.