To ensure a minimum standard for any vehicle being converted for use on the UK’s roads the Vehicle Certification Agency operate a Type Approval Scheme for all convertors.

What is the process of building on an ‘incomplete’ vehicle and registering a converted vehicle in the UK?

All incomplete commercial vehicles (i.e. chassis only) will require Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) prior to registration.

Who provides the type approval?

In most cases Alloy Bodies will be the second stage convertor (first stage is the base vehicle) and providing no further modification or equipment is added we would supply the vehicle with a 2nd stage Certificate of Conformity (COC) allowing the supplying dealer to register the vehicle. Alloy Bodies conversions are fully type approved with our own in house homologation team, we do not use any 3rd party issuer.

What if I need a second stage conversion prior to the body fitment?

On occasions it may be necessary to fit a crane, sleeper pod conversion or other equipment prior the the body. In this case the most cost effective route is to take the vehicle for an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA)

Is Type Approval the same as a Manufacturer approved?

No. A manufacturer approved conversion is a set of standards that bodybuilders must comply with to become an ‘accredited convertor’. This involves several audits covering our products, processes and manufacturing facilities.

Alloy Bodies are proud to be accredited convertors within the following manufacturers schemes.