Introducing the Hilo, the high volume low floor access alternative to our Aeroluton. The Hilo gives operators a more useable cubic load space than a panel van which often has curved sides and [...]

Curve Plus

Our Curve luton can be enhanced even further with the addition of body sideskirts, the Curve plus adds even greater appeal to our superior line up of luton bodywork.


With the increasing cost of fuel we have enhanced our Aeroluton to provide an even greater aerodynamic advantage with the ‘Curve’. The improved aerodynamic roof profile not only offers fuel [...]

Aeroluton Maxi

Drawing from the success of our standard aeroluton, our Maxi is a taller and wider version which can be built to suit certain operational requirements. This provides an optional flexibility not [...]


Over the past four decades we have achieved market leader status in this sector by dedication to quality, design and service manufacturing up to 40 aero luton bodies per week. The distinctive [...]