European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA)

Whole Vehicle Type Approval is a European scheme to ensure all 2nd stage converted or ‘incomplete’ vehicles are built to meet specific criteria covering all major aspects of the conversion. This process provides a mechanism for ensuring that completed vehicles meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards that are universally applied throughout the EU. As part of our service level to all of our customers not just the major fleet, contract hire and rental companies, Alloy Bodies have taken the ‘European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval’ route for most of our mainstream volume product lines. This means we are not restricted by volumes as with some approval routes (IVA & NSSTA), giving us the flexibility to work with ever expanding fleets of vehicles. In certain circumstances it is beneficial for us to opt for NSSTA above ECWVTA as this route can offer greater flexibility where the volumes are smaller. In a small number of cases where volumes are minimal or demand for a certain body and chassis combination are low we have chosen only the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) route. This is purely to offer the most cost effective type approval route for our customers with the only restriction being the timescale for an IVA inspection at a dedicated VOSA site.

The VCA – Vehicle Certification Agency

VCA is the designated UK Vehicle Type Approval authority and with more than 30 years experience supports industry by providing internationally recognised testing and certification for vehicles, their systems and components. Alloy Bodies Ltd have worked closely with the VCA to achieve N1 , N2 and N3 approvals across 35 different chassis makes and models, maintaining our commitment to build high quality, well engineered bodywork for many years to come.


Since the introduction of Whole Vehicle Type Approval we have made huge investments to ensure we can offer our bodywork across a wide spectrum of manufacturers. Much of this investment is driven by demand for our products on certain chassis and there are a small number of chassis manufacturers on which we only offer the IVA option.

Category Definition Introduction Date
N1 Completed Goods vehicles not exceeding 3500kg GVW 29th April 2013
N2 Completed Goods vehicles exceeding 3500kg but not exceeding 12000kg GVW 29th October 2014
N3 Completed Goods Vehicles exceeding 12000kg GVW 29th October 2014


Mercedes Sprinter 3 Series Chassis Cab
Mercedes Sprinter 3 Series Low Floor Chassis Cab
Ford Transit FED
Iveco Daily single rear wheel
Iveco Daily twin rear wheel
Renault Trucks platform cab
Vauxhall Movano platform cab
Vauxhall Movano chassis cab
Renault UK platform cab
Renault Trucks chassis cab
Renault UK chassis cab
VW Crafter CR35
Peugeot Boxer platform cab
Peugeot Boxer chassis cab
Citroen Relay AL-KO chassis cab
Citroen Relay chassis cab
Nissan NV400 chassis cab
Fiat Ducato platform cab
Fiat Ducato chassis cab


DAF LF (LF45, 150, 180, 210, 220, 250)
DAF LF (LF55, 180, 210, 220, 250, 280, 310)
Iveco Daily 70C (60C, 65C, 70C)
Iveco Eurocargo 80E (80EL, 75E, 65E, 60E)
Iveco Eurocargo 100E (100E, 90E, 80E)
Iveco Eurocargo 120E
Iveco Eurocargo 120EL (120EL, 110EL)
MAN TGL (N02, N03, N04, N05, N12, N13, N14, N15)
MAN TGM (N16, N26)
Mercedes Atego (967)
Isuzu N75/85 (75D, 85D, 85E, 85F)
Fuso Canter


DAF CF FAS (290, 330, 370, 400, 440, 420, 460, 510) – 3 axle
DAF LF (LF55, 180, 210, 220, 250, 280, 310)
DAF CF (410, 460, 510, 290, 330, 370, 400, 440)
DAF CF (CF65, 220, 250, 280, 310)
Iveco 140E (140E, FF140E)
Iveco 160E (150E, 160E, FF160E)
Iveco 190E (180E, 190EL)
MAN TGM (N16, N26)
MAN TGM (N08, N18, N28)
MAN TGL (N04, N05, N14, N15)
MAN TGS (03S, 06S, 10S)
MAN TGX (06X, 10X)
Mercedes Atego (967)
Mercedes Actros (963, 964)
Mercedes Antos (963, 964)